The Lightsouls (Book One) Valerie Long



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204 pages


The Lightsouls (Book One)  by  Valerie Long

The Lightsouls (Book One) by Valerie Long
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“ I was only able to see it when I got close to him. His eyes were shock blue, bolts of electricity in them. Every time he looked at me, I got lost in his eyes, unable to find my way out. I could literally see blue static energy pulsing between us as soon as he came near me. Time literally stopped when he came near me. Everything stopped moving except for us. How was this possible? What is he? Why am I so drawn to him?

And why was he drawn to me? “After the mysterious death of her mother, and being dumped by her first love all in the same week, 17 year old Anna Summer is forced to finish out her last year in a new high school. There Anna encounters an alluring young man who with just one look, takes all of her power away.

She fights her feelings for him, and tries to deny them, but there’s more to this world that meets the eye. There’s a bigger plan and everything is slowly falling into place. What is her true destiny?

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